Thursday, February 28, 2013

aaaand GO!

got home from an amazing company meeting, and decided to work off that energy by starting my training again, since i got hung up by my broken coccyx healing.  i've been trying to eat better, and less cuz i'm a fat kid.  now on to the physical part of things.  this weekend i'm going to the running shop in morristown to find out what kind of running sneakers i should get, buy some trainers, too, for the other stuff, and then its ON!  the time for #$%^ing around has ended, the time to become a warrior has begun!

the unfortunate side effect, of course, of working out at 9 pm is that i'm still bouncing off the walls.  oh well.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

now freeeeze!

last night minerva was watching 'yo gabba gabba!'  while we really wanted to wait until minerva was at least 2 to introduce regular tv, this seems like a good show.  after all, it gets her up and moving.  it got me up and moving.  there was a segment where they wanted the viewer to run, walk, jump around in circles and then freeze.  but minerva doesn't always quite understand verbal commands without demonstration, so i ran around in circles, and walked around in circles, and jumped around in circles, all to show her how its done.  this show is good exercise.  now if only i could motivate myself to not be so fucking exhausted all the time and do more than bounce around the living room to a preschool tv program.

Friday, February 15, 2013

busted my ass

i was sidelined for a while.  on new year's eve, i fell down the stairs to the laundry room and broke my tailbone.  this sounds like a little thing, just a bump on the butt, but it was massively painful.  but now i'm fine, all healed, almost back to normal!  time to figure out how to fit in training with my new work schedule.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

day #1

last night i started this mess officially.  after dinner, i didn't have any cookies, even though we have several varieties of fabulous trader joe's christmas cookies.  instead, i had some 'get a grip' tea and did yoga.  how wonderfully relaxing!  my goal is to do something that helps me towards the warrior dash every day, and to post about it here.  even if its just putting the cocoa almond butter back in the cabinet, its something.  tonight we're going to my dad and deb's for dinner, which always results in us eating way too much.  i'll have to figure out some alternative good i can do for myself.  maybe i'll walk around the school during one of my preps today.  maybe we'll have time between the insurance inspection (hurricane damage) and leaving for dinner.  we shall see.

warrior dash

I'M DOING THE WARRIOR DASH!  ed, lexi, brian, megan, kyle, fran, karen, and michelle are doing it, so i succumbed to peer pressure and signed up.  of course, i looked at the photo gallery of the obstacles after signing up.  for a moment i thought aloud, "i must be crazy."  my students wanted to know what exactly made me think that, outside of the normal reasons.  so i showed them.  "miss m, you're crazy."  "yes. yes i am."

so now, i have to actually get into running shape.  if i try to do a 3-mile death race i will, in fact, suffer death.  just fall over.  but don't worry, ed said he'd carry my lifeless corpse across the finish line as long as he could have my beer at the end.  that's true friendship. 

time to start training!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

that went well

derailed already.  damn me.  no reason, i just... stopped after once.

maybe i shouldn't give up on myself so easily.  maybe i should really truly make a serious effort to do this.  i'll feel better for it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

couch to 5k begun

on sunday, i did day 1 of couch to 5k.  it was more difficult than i had expected, harder than it had been when i started before i got pregnant.  i should have had a puff off my inhaler and stretched more before beginning.  alas, live and learn.  i am using my mom's treadmill, to keep things controlled, plus if i do it when she's home i have somebody there to hand the squirrel off to, since she's terrified of the treadmill.  i've found that i scuff part of my foot against the 'ground' as i run, and i have to figure out exactly where and why i do this.  

here are some 'before' shots, like they have in those weight loss pill ads.

 i like the way the light from the window shines under my chin.

and who knew my ass was so big?!  i felt like it was getting small.  i guess i was delightfully wrong!

the front shot, where i am noticing what a wreck my living room is and zomg why am i putting it on the internet... 

i might repeat this kind of photography weekly.  perhaps not only will i gradually get in better shape, but my living room will get cleaner.  perhaps.