Wednesday, December 12, 2012

warrior dash

I'M DOING THE WARRIOR DASH!  ed, lexi, brian, megan, kyle, fran, karen, and michelle are doing it, so i succumbed to peer pressure and signed up.  of course, i looked at the photo gallery of the obstacles after signing up.  for a moment i thought aloud, "i must be crazy."  my students wanted to know what exactly made me think that, outside of the normal reasons.  so i showed them.  "miss m, you're crazy."  "yes. yes i am."

so now, i have to actually get into running shape.  if i try to do a 3-mile death race i will, in fact, suffer death.  just fall over.  but don't worry, ed said he'd carry my lifeless corpse across the finish line as long as he could have my beer at the end.  that's true friendship. 

time to start training!

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